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Calves and Cows

The Netherlands is world famous for its dairy farming. The original Dutch Friesian Holland dual-purpose cows are the genetic basis for today’s popular and ubiquitous Holstein Friesian dairy cow. Holstein Friesians are the most common cows in the Netherlands. The large scale of dairy farming guarantees a constant supply of calves for veal production, heifers for milk production, and cows for slaughter.

To create added value for the large numbers of calves produced by dairy farmers, a large, efficient veal sector has developed in the Netherlands over the years. The production system is supported by a well-organised market structure in which calves are graded for uniformity. Calves are farmed in two different ways in order to produce either white or rosé veal.
To add even more value to our calves, a growing number of farmers are crossing dairy breeds with beef breeds. This results in calves that produce meat even more efficiently.

The Netherlands produces various breeds and types of cows, such as dairy cattle for milk production, beef cattle for meat production and cows for slaughter. Our heifers for milk production are world famous and can be found all over the world. If you want top quality livestock for slaughter or meat, you need look no further than the Netherlands.

Quality dealers
The highly efficient Dutch calf sector has led to a system in which demand for calves outstrips production in the Netherlands. So the Netherlands is a net importer of new born calves. The importers and exporters of cows and calves are experts in their field and are highly experienced in many different areas. Exporters are always interested in receiving serious enquiries to enable them to better coordinate demand and supply. Certified transport companies and modern vehicles guarantee the best possible quality during transport, so the animals arrive at their destination in tip-top condition.

The Dutch Identification and Registration system for cattle ensures maximum traceability. In addition, the systems in which calves are kept and produced are strictly supervised by the integrated quality control system IKB Kalf.


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