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Piglets and Pigs

The Dutch pig population has reached a stable level. Due to factors such as environmental legislation, a trend is unfolding in the Netherlands in which piglet production is increasing while the number of fattening pig places is decreasing. Although the total number of pig farms is falling, production remains stable as the sector becomes increasingly specialised.

Animal exports are very important for the Dutch pig sector. Dutch pigs are famous for their good growth and slaughtering results. Dutch piglets are characterised by the following qualities:

  • High growth rate
  • Good feed conversion
  • Low mortality
  • Strength
  • Uniformity
  • Market-oriented qualities

Most piglets are exported straight from the farm to the destination. Other benefits include our excellent logistics network, our modern transport facilities and our Aujeszky’s Disease-free status (Article 10 status). In addition, the large but defined genetic background enables you to choose the right type of piglet for your needs.
Exporters are happy to provide background information on the piglets they supply, including details of the type of feed, genetics, treatments, vaccinations, and the housing temperatures the piglets were used to immediately before delivery. This information will help you get your animals off to a flying start.

Pigs from the Netherlands meet customers’ needs because the Dutch pig sector is highly market-oriented. Most of our finishers have a high percentage of lean meat. A wide variety of other types of pigs for slaughter is also available. Tracking and tracing systems guarantee good traceability of the origin and history of the animals.

The superior quality of Dutch piglets and pigs is supported by various well-organised systems and programmes, such as:

  • National health and animal disease control programmes
  • Ultramodern livestock feed industry
  • Practice-oriented research
  • Highly trained and organised farmers
  • Efficient information dissemination
  • Private quality systems for transport and hygiene

Advanced supply chain systems such as the Integrated Quality Control (IKB) systems, which are inspected by independent institutes, and export testing by NVWA vets ensure that the animals we produce and supply are of the very highest quality.


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