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Sheep and Goats

Sheep and goats have always played an important role in Dutch agriculture. In recent years the sector has become highly professionalised. Sheep and goats have fulfilled several different roles in the past. Goat farming developed primarily as an alternative to dairy farming, and sheep are being used on a large scale to preserve the Dutch landscape.

Sheep and lambs
Most sheep in the Netherlands are bred for meat. Our famous Texel sheep is famous for its excellent meat properties. Sheep farming often takes place in combination with other agricultural activities such as dairy farming. Lamb production is seasonal, with almost all lambs being born in early spring. Most of these lambs are grazed on their farms of origin and sold for slaughter both at home and abroad.
Sheep and lambs for export are collected at specialist export assembly centres where they are selected according to the customer’s requirements. This results in uniform groups of animals. Our highly specialised Dutch exporters are able to grade sheep according to the required conformity and carcass weight. The animals can then be delivered straight to the abattoir of your choice on the date you require. Transport is strictly regulated. Vets from the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority certify all animals for export.

Goats and kids
Goat’s milk and goat’s cheese production has grown into a fully-fledged sector in recent years, resulting in a substantial growth in the goat population. The White Saanen dairy goat accounts for most of this growth. The production of kids is comparable to that of lambs: a seasonal phenomenon that takes place at the end of winter or in early spring. Dutch farmers produce kids for slaughter and young dairy goats for milk production.

Electronic Identification and Registration is in force in the Dutch sheep and goat sector. This new method of identification and registration makes tracking and tracing even easier.

The sheep and goat sector in the Netherlands is backed up by expert knowledge of breeding and animal production. But our success is also due in no small part to our farmers’ and exporters’ excellent management skills, our market-oriented production and our highly efficient agricultural infrastructure.


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